The ZUCC’S Barbeque Baker® at last is finally here!


This amazing Patented device transforms the barbeque grill to a convection oven producing perfect baking and outdoor wood oven flavor! A whole new array of foods can now be produced on your barbeque with unbelievable ease and simplicity. Smoking foods is also easy!!

Try the ZuccsBaker and you will understand why so many barbeque aficionados will no longer do without it. Freedom from the same old, same old barbeque experience; no problem! Freedom from the kitchen stove; this device will be one of your most used and prized cooking equipment that you will ever own. Gourmet tasting healthy food every time.

Just imagine! Pizza, Nachos, Smoked Salmon, Vegetables, Fish & Chips, Bread, Waffles, Meats like all kinds of Roasts, Ribs, Burgers, Sausages, etc, French fries, Pastries, Croissants, Cakes, Chicken, Cookies, Danishes and a wide range of other foods are a breeze to prepare. And NO MORE BURNING!! Or TURNING. THAT’S RIGHT; you are the master of the Grill now with a ZuccsBaker!!

Bake it Fresh or Frozen, You are now free to do as you wish while the ZuccsBaker does the baking for you. No more worries about charring the food or being stuck in front of a hot BBQ grill, it’s Great!! And it’s very safe and fun to use for the whole family.

When it suites you, the Zuccs BARBEQUE BAKER® is always there to make cooking easy and enjoyable! AND THE FLAVOUR!!! New taste sensations like never before.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your barbeques!


Inventor: Anthony Zuccarini